Monday, October 19, 2009

Pedal to the metal.. TREE!!!

Pedal to the metal..TREE!!?!
Shimmering sunshine yellow, blinding chrome interior, crisp leather seating, it is magnificent.
"Dad, can I have it! Can I? Can I? Can I?!"
"Brid, wait until your fourteenth birthday and maybe we will see about the dirtbike. If you keep asking it will be a no."
"Fine ..(gruuunnnntt)..I guess I will just have to wait.."

I am now fourteen years old and just got my first ever dirt bike. I am ecstatic that finally I got the one thing that I’ve wanted for two years now. It’s an amazing sight. It’s fairly old, like 1980’s old. It’s a Honda 90 and I love it!
“Dad can I take it for a ride now!! Please please please!!!!”
“Not right now Brid, it’s getting dark out and you don’t know how to drive it properly yet. Tomorrow morning we will get up bright and early and I will teach you how to drive it.”
“Okay Dad.”
Of course I didn’t mean okay. I am fourteen, up for adventure and love to be defiant towards the parents. It wasn’t even late, it was seven o’clock. But I guess in motorcycle time it is late for a youngster like me to be driving the camp roads. “Should I do this.. I mean, I don’t really know how to drive it yet.. buuuutt.. how hard could it be?” If an old man like my dad could drive it with ease then why couldn’t a young free spirit like me do it?
Dad walks over to the neighbor’s camp which is five doors down from ours, the perfect opportunity to take the bike. My leg goes over the bike and I strap on my brand new pink and black helmet..turn the key..the big white light on the front turns on..I rev the engine..the adrenaline pumps throughout my entire body..1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear.. TREE!!
I made it about 100 meters down the road then began to swerve. I’d like to use the excuse that the it was the tree’s fault, but seen as how I learnt about ten years ago that tree’s don’t walk and get in people’s way, I guess that wouldn’t work too well.
Blink..blink..blink..why is there *stars* all around me? Am I in heaven?.. “No Brid.. but you are in a lot of trouble”

Great.. I want to be adventurous and now I am grounded for a month..way to go Brid.. way.. to.. GO!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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